Tune in

Communication is Key – We all know how important it is so here at LifeMOT we’re spreading the news. Tune in to Source FM on Friday 7th November at 11.10am and here Amanda speaking to Andy Coote about business and community. Then on Thursday 27th November at 2.30pm, Amanda is chatting with Judith Kingdom on Penwith Radio about life, love and laughter. She also be choosing the music that has inspired her.

Open Talks Nov

Here’s the latest Newsletter from the open Talk Group. Download it here. I’ve been hosting this group for about 7yrs now and next year it’s all change. This means a new venue which can accommodate more people, up to date presentations and Wi Fi.This means I’ll be able to bring even more expertise to the groups either in person or via Skype. Look out for the events and make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to the Newsletter from my homepage I’m making sure that we plenty of time to network during the evenings so we can create a really strong group of like-minded people. Next year we’ll be headed LIFE Talks as we’ll be under the wing of LifeMOT Community Interest Company. Check out the website here If you are interested in giving a talk, please let me know as there are spaces available and I can always arrange a one off event too.

Made my day

Isn’t it brilliant when you receive something completely out of the blue. That’s what happened to me today and I’d like to share it with you as someone thought to share it with me.- Andrew called. He had been a client of mine 6 months ago who came to me to stop smoking. He won’t mind me saying that he was Mr Sceptical (to say the least!) “I never thought I would give up the fags” Well, he still is a non smoker and he wanted to let me know this – “You’ve made the biggest impact on my life, it’s monumental. I never expected it to be so easy, I was sceptical but you altered the way I think. I didn’t realise it at the time but now I’ve worked it out and my thoughts have progressed and the gaps between the fags became greater and greater, the cravings just disappeared and its all of my own free will. You’ve done me a huge favour so I wanted to let you know. I have no inclination to go back smoking“.
Amazing. I’m so grateful that he called me and at the same moment that I had just reviewed my notes ready to archive. What a coincidence – or not?

I often get asked, what’s your success rate? It’s a difficult one to answer as people just go home and get on with the rest of their lives.  I really appreciate it when people take the time to come back to me and let me know how it’s going, even bumping into them at the Tall Ships event and they are beaming with happiness, telling me how great there life is now and what changes they have been able to make. It’s Brill. Thank you.


2014-09-15 16.31.58I’m feeling very grateful this month. I received an award last week for “Nurturing Relationships” for the work I do with LifeMOT and for promoting the Open Talk networking group. The event at The Queens Hotel in Penzance was hosted by Judith Kingdon from Star Shapers Ltd who did an amazing job of organising the event using Crowd Funding.

“It as a lovely day, I can’t believe how many people there were. It was a room full of inspiring people who had been nominated by their peers for the special work they do that supports others in some way. I saw some old friends, made new ones and also put some name to faces who’s reputation precedes them. I felt very honoured to be in this group and to be recognised for the work that I do”.2014-09-14 14.06.48


I’m on a mission to create a strong supportive network for Therapists in Cornwall. I already have a group of dedicated individuals that come along every month and reap the benefits of Peer support, Professional development, Networking and knowledge sharing. Now, I’m planning for next year and need to hear from you about what you would like and how a group might work for you. (or not) Cornwall is a beautiful place to work but when it comes to getting people together in one place it can be a logistical nightmare! We’re all over the place (geographically) so, I’m going to be using technology in the future to allow more therapists to be “in the room” even if they are miles away.

Please fill in the feedback for me and I’ll keep you posted

Open Talk for August

Here’s the summer Newsletter for the next Open Talk. We meet near Truro and we’re open to all. This month we’ll hear all about Accupuncture from The Barefoot Clinic owner Nic. It will be a practical and informative session. I love it when we get to try out the techniques for ourselves.

If you are a practising Hypnotherapist you can come along to the Peer Support group that I run as part of my Supervision for Hypnotherapists. (contact me for details) This  is a really important part of maintaining our professional development. As you know, I have just attending a course on Neuro Com technique and I’m currently part way through completing case studies and essays. I really appreciate having a group that I can bounce ideas off and  keep me focused on the rest of my practice too.

Work life balance is so important to me so I’ve been making the most of the lovely hot dry days to get out on my bike when I can and take in the beautiful scenery of Cornwall. Hills included!

Training update

I’m about to embark on some new training so watch this space. It’s going to be a lot of work but, I believe, that it will be of great benefit to my clients. After the initial training I’ll be wanting some people for case studies so I will keep you all up to date on how to apply.
Neuro Com Technique has been successful in treating, Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD. Find out more here

I’m going to be putting into practice all my pacing and management techniques over the next few weeks and months. It’ll be good to do some work on me as well as my clients and practice what I preach.

Open Talk June

Here’s the latest Newsletter for the Hypnotherapy Group near Truro. This June we’ll hear from Kellie Gilmour about the uses of Mindfulness and 5 principles of Reiki. Find out more Here

We’re open to all from 7.30pm – 9pm so please come along and listen. If you are a Hypnotherapist then come a long at 6.30pm as we have our Peer Support Group meeting. Peer Support/Supervision means that you are working to professional standards, have good support for yourself and maintain your Continued Professional Development. For me, it means, I have a great network of therapists I can call upon if I have enquiries that I cannot meet.



2014-05-16 11.49.00Today my business meeting was cancelled. I have spent some time in preparation, planning, driving there and back ready to speak about training for businesses. I’m now back home planning for the next meeting and taking time in between clients to catch up on soaking up this beautiful sunny day. It’s all good with me.

May Newsletter

Open Talk May Newsletter is out now. Please have a read and sign up to come along. It’s a great way to meet like minded people and learn something new.