StIt’s that time of year again. October see’s two different campaigns going on to help us improve our health and well-being. Stoptober is supported by Public Health England and aims to help the nation become smoke free. There are lots of resources available from the website so I would encourage you to have a look. I’m also supporting this campaign and recently had an article in The Packet encourage people to seek out hypnotherapists who are on the CNHC register.
Hypnotherapy can support and prepare you to change your behaviours and habits. I use a variety of additional techniques within a package of 3 sessions over the period of a month. During Stoptober I am offering 10%off. I can also come out to your work place and run a group workshop on behavioural change to get the ball rolling.
It’s also the month of Go Sober for October supported by Macmillan. Aimed at social drinkers who wish to change their habits and raise money for a fabulous charity. Over the years I have noticed an increase in people coming to see me for “Social Drinking” and recently I was asked if I would organise a group for people who felt they were drinking a bit too much on a regular basis and needed a bit of support to get back in control of their habits.
Sometimes we need a campaign to bring our awareness to something that has become a habit with us and, Actually, is not good for us anymore.

If you would like additional support with either becoming smoke free or moderating/abstaining from social drinking then please give me a call. You’ll find testimonials within my website too.
Good luck to everyone taking part.


WindmillI’ve been invited to step in last minute to give a Lifetalk on Tuesday 9th August.
I’ll be sharing with you some of the many techniques I use day to day when I’m coaching people. It’ll be a whirlwind interactive session, you’ll get the chance to experience many different aspects of personal Development, so if you’ve ever wondered how coaching can benefit you or your business then this session will seek to answer those questions.
This session is not about putting people on the spot or sharing experiences but it will be a chance for you to work with other people or on your own and discover what your mind could do with some of the tools you’ll receive in this session.
LifeTalks is open to everyone so please share the event. it’s on Facebook and Meet up

I look forward to seeing you all there.


1 Day “Taste Life” Masterclass

In just 1 day, I’ll give you the tools you need to rethink what, when and how you eat.

This is a Masterclass; so the day is going to be jammed with information to give you the knowledge you require to make a permanent change for a healthier Lifestyle.

  • Increase your motivation
  • Maintain your goal weight
  • Improve your fitness
  • Access to a Free Hypnosis Download
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Exercise advice
  • Behavioural Change
  • Psychology of Food
  • More information HERE

Lunch is also included, Thanks to Muddy Beach

Offer price £125 Early bird price (£175 after 27th May) £25 Deposit required on booking please

Practical advice on regaining control back over your relationship with food. (and with yourself)

This is not a diet, but a practical look at what our behaviours are around food, how they got there and how we can re-learn new healthy habits.
I’m bringing my knowledge and skills in NLP, Hypnosis, Fitness and Nutrition together to give you the head start you need to make a permanent change.

If you have been thinking:
“I really should do something about my health/weight/fitness”
“My eating is just out of control, all the time”
“I don’t know where to start”
“It’s so confusing, knowing what is right to eat theses days”
“I’ve got no will power”

Then, this 1 Day Masterclass is the right thing for you to do. Call me if you would like more details on the day.

Spaces are limited for this first Masterclass. More coming soon.

To Book, Email or call me today 07958956216


just me
Are you happy in your own skin?
In my day to day life, I’m asking people to move outside their usual comfort zone as generally they are coming to see me to make some change in their life. Change is a good thing.
My role as a therapist is to support people to feel comfortable enough to make a move in the right direction. This move or change can start very slowly by imagining the change, or day dreaming what it might be like to….? This way our sub-conscious mind starts to get a feel for what it might be like to do something different or behave differently from what you are used to.
We all use our imaginations to think about situations but sometimes we veer off into a disaster movie image of a situation that has an adverse effect on us. My role is to teach people how to play the relevant movies in their minds that give them the results they are seeking.
I’d like you to learn to play with your imaginations again. Imagine what you’d like to do or how you’d like to spend your days, weeks, months… Develop who you are so that you can be happy being “Just Me” Who ever you are.



It’s coming up to that time of the year again. Exam stress is starting to gain momentum and for some people it can be completely debilitating. Some of us love the feeling we get when we are under pressure to perform and it provides us with an extra boost in motivation to achieve greater results.
If you are one of those people who’s struggling at the moment, help is available. Just a few sessions may be all it takes to get you back on track and put your mind as ease. When our minds are at ease we are able to concentrate, learn, remember and recall information easily. Remember the feeling of relief when your exams are all over? Well, that’s the feeling I can install in you. But, even better than that, these techniques will be with you for life, not just for the next few months. just imagine how you could use them in your future?

Spring time

Spring is in the air. You can see in the daylight hours becoming longer, smell it within the changing scents in the hedgerows and gardens and feel it as the sun warms our skin and our energy lightens.

Spring is also the time when wedding season begins and couples start the final preparations for their ceremonies and plan for their honeymoons. It’s a joyous time for most couples but unfortunately for some individuals, weddings are a time to dread!

I’ve been in conversations with Barnett International wedding photographers recently to discuss some of the ways in which Hypnosis and NLP can help their clients.

Here are a few examples of issue I have helped over the years:

The best man speech. Nerves, stuttering, blushing, panic!
Everyone will be looking at me for the whole day! Self-esteem, confidence,
I need to lose weight or tone up to look my best for the photographs. Weight management, motivation
We’d like to go abroad but I can’t fly. Fears and phobias, Managing change
I’ve never lived with anyone before. Communication skills, managing change
What if it all goes wrong? Anxiety and self doubt

Talk to someone about your worries. Adrian and Bergit from Barnett International are experts at putting people at ease, they have a Facebook page with helpful tips every week.

I am more than happy to have chat with you about your wedding and any issues that you may have.

My Tip.- Give me a call today. It’s easy, reassuring and puts you mind at rest so that you can enjoy the wedding planning as well as you BIG Day.

Kick start New year

Kick start New year

Happy New Year to you all.
Have you made any New years resolutions? Have you broken any yet???
It’s the time of year when we sit and think and make plans for the coming months. There are numerous ways in which we do this but I’m going to look at – Are you motivated by moving towards or away from something?

Here’s an example:

Sometimes we reflect on past years and we might talk about “I don’t want another like the last one!” (Moving away from)


I’m planning on improving my fitness this year (Moving towards)
My challenge to you this month is to learn to listen to yourself and notice when you say what you actually mean rather than, just what think you mean. Do you want your focus to be in the past or on your future? I hope you know the answer to this.
When we set ourselves goals (new year resolutions) we naturally move towards them, given the right motivation. Goals set our minds on a journey of exploring what it might be like to have that goal – Do you ever imagine yourself already on holiday or what you will do at the weekend? This is your mind preparing itself for a change and it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small change, the process is the same. We all need time to adjust to something, minutes or months/years it all starts deep within our minds before we can be ready to make plans take action.
Good luck with your goals this year. Make the first goal to set goals