I love NLP, it’s one of those tools you can pick up easily and use it in everyday life. It can be used very effectively for one to one therapy (No need for Hypnosis) but I also use it within groups and with Managers when Coaching.

What is NLP – Neuro-Linguistic  Programming?


NLP is:

  • A fantastic tool for communication
  • Practical and adaptable
  • A way to support you to change unwanted behaviours
  • Focused on positive outcomes
  • Exploration
  • Learning how we tick
  • Confidential (Content Free)
  • Fun and easy to use

It’s how we use our minds to create the programmes/habits/behaviours that we have. When we know how and why we create habits we can then start to learn how we change them.

Creator of NLP, Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler book signing for Amanda on the Master Practitioner NLP course in London

NLP was created in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler (above with Amanda) and John Grinder amongst others. They looked at some of the great therapists of their time (modelling) including Hypnotherapists and developed strategies that would support people to change and grow.
NLP continues to be developed as new learning is incorporated and it remains flexible and adaptable in it’s approach to supporting individuals.

NLP has many uses:

Business Coaching
Relationships, work or personal
Dealing with conflict
Sports Performance Iwan Thomas with Richard Bandler

Research: An effective treatment for anxiety. Lisa Wake

Please also look at LifeMOT CIC
Amanda is Director and trainer for LifeMOT Community Interest Company (CIC) which delivers Business Coaching and Training using NLP techniques. We have a range of Community Workshops on offer as well as supporting employees within the business place. EventBrite