Please email Amanda at

Call – 01326 372156 or 07958 956216

I’m based at Jubilee Wharf, Penryn

You’ll find me at Junipa Therapy Rooms

You can park on the road the same side as the Wharf for free for 2 hrs (the other side of the road is just 1 hr) or there’s a car park on the Quay in between the traffic lights or another car park behind the job-centre.

As you walk on to the Wharf area, come up the stairs by Jumblies Nursery. There is a lift inside if required. 

If you need the toilet they are upstairs, in the door on your left (Zed shed). To find me, turn right to go across the bridge and continue through the colourful tunnel. Turn left at the end and my door is in front of you.