I’m on a mission to create a strong supportive network for Therapists in Cornwall. I already have a group of dedicated individuals that come along every month and reap the benefits of Peer support, Professional development, Networking and knowledge sharing. Now, I’m planning for next year and need to hear from you about what you would like and how a group might work for you. (or not) Cornwall is a beautiful place to work but when it comes to getting people together in one place it can be a logistical nightmare! We’re all over the place (geographically) so, I’m going to be using technology in the future to allow more therapists to be “in the room” even if they are miles away.

Please fill in the feedback for me and I’ll keep you posted

Open Talk for August

Here’s the summer Newsletter for the next Open Talk. We meet near Truro and we’re open to all. This month we’ll hear all about Accupuncture from The Barefoot Clinic owner Nic. It will be a practical and informative session. I love it when we get to try out the techniques for ourselves.

If you are a practising Hypnotherapist you can come along to the Peer Support group that I run as part of my Supervision for Hypnotherapists. (contact me for details) This  is a really important part of maintaining our professional development. As you know, I have just attending a course on Neuro Com technique and I’m currently part way through completing case studies and essays. I really appreciate having a group that I can bounce ideas off and  keep me focused on the rest of my practice too.

Work life balance is so important to me so I’ve been making the most of the lovely hot dry days to get out on my bike when I can and take in the beautiful scenery of Cornwall. Hills included!