What is Hypnotherapy?

 Hypnotherapy is a safe natural way to make positive changes for your benefit. Hypnosis works with your permission and at your pace, it works with your sub-conscious mind, the creative part of your mind, to explore the most effective and safest way for you to progress.

I thought I would use this page to add some additional testimonials from my clients. It’s very rewarding for me to receive these and I feel that it’s a good way to let people know more about what I do and the impact it has on not only the client but for others close to them too. See below FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does hypnotherapy feel like?
Similar to “drifting off”. You will be deeply relaxed and calm but aware of everything around you.

Can anyone be hypnotised?
It is not possible to make someone do something they do not wish to do, but the depth of hypnosis will differ depending on how relaxed you are. Your Sub-conscious mind is always protecting you and looking after you and will continue to do so in hypnosis.

Will you control my mind or make me do silly things?
You will be in control the whole time.
All of us have a built in safety mechanism that is controlled by our values and beliefs. Clinical Hypnotherapists are professionally trained and governed by a Code of Ethics and National Occupational Standards.

Will you cure me?
It would be unprofessional of a hypnotherapist to offer a cure but I will bring my knowledge, experience and ongoing training to assist you in bringing relief to your issue.

How many sessions will it take?
The length of treatment will vary depending on the issues being treated. If you have noticed no change at all in three sessions, then Hypnotherapy may not be the right therapy for you. I will always review to check progress at regular intervals.

Session times
Please allow one and a half hours for your first consultation during which time the number of sessions required will be discussed. 
Each additional session lasts one hour. 

Session Cost
The Initial session is £60
Ongoing Sessions £50

Smoking Cessation Package (3 x sessions) £250

Payment methods
I except, Card, Cash or Cheque payments

Have a listen so Kia’s story


Dear Amanda,
Thank you again for all your help in my problems with anxiety and confidence. Before the sessions of hypnotherapy, I had no way of overcoming the anxiety that I felt on a near constant basis. Now I have techniques to use if ever that feeling appears, however, between sessions and now after, that anxiety has barely made itself known. I find that I automatically put those techniques to use but often do not need to, the hypnotherapy has really helped to unlock an inner confidence and sense of control if I start to feel anxious or worried and I can easily overcome it, many times without even realising it. This has been the hugest relief for me as I feel I have control over my life for the first time, mentally I feel stronger and I feel that I can push myself to do things in every day life that I wouldn’t have been able to do before, which amazes me still as it’s only been two months since I had the first session. The sessions were relaxing and insightful, and I feel that I will only become more mentally stronger in time thanks to the hypnotherapy. Thank you so much, you have helped beyond expectations.

Here’s what a mum sent me recently:

Dear Amanda
“On behalf of Sabian and myself we wish to thank you for the incredible treatment Sabian received from you concerning his very severe needle phobia which over the years caused him so much anxiety and trauma
During these very important blood tests for the US embassy Sabian was also told he needed several vaccines to complete the process required for his US passport he calmly came through this request and stated that he was over his needle phobia for good!
Once again we cannot thank you enough for this life changing therapy!”

“I would like to thank you for the help & support you have given me recently and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I continue to work and build on everything that we covered and remain as focused as ever.
To that end I think it wouldn’t be beneficial to me to keep our next appointment next week.I will certainly be back in touch should I feel the need in the future, but for now I am confident when i state that I am moving forward with a mindset that you have helped me achieve”

“Just to let you know that the two sessions of Hypnotherapy I had for my fear of flying were a great success.
I was relaxed for the first time ever and actually slept on the eighteen hour flight.
Taking into consideration that previous to this I had only ever managed a four hour flight and was terrified for the whole journey, this was truly amazing.
I can honestly say that my decision to have hypnotherapy has changed my life forever.
Thank you so much from my Husband and I”.

“I would like to thank-you for all of the help you have given me over the last 5 months. Initially you helped me with insecurities and relationship issues. Your help has meant that I now feel confident and in control. As a result my GP is pleased to be reducing my anti-depressants over the next few months.

Following the break up of the relationship, your techniques have helped me to plan for the future, build on my strengths, forgive my weaknesses and learn about my inner spirit.
Thank-you again and I can’t wait to see what I can do in 2016 and beyond with your guidance and help. I wholeheartedly would recommend people to come and see you, whatever their problems or concerns
Mel “
Hi Amanda
Thank you for your help so far though – it has been invaluable and has made such a difference to me.  I even feel in control of my eating for the first time ever and just don’t feel the need to eat the way I used to which is pretty amazing.  Thank you so much for this  – I have really appreciated our sessions which have made me deal with things differently and have given me a sense of control over my life.
“Amanda has a personality that puts you instantly at ease, charming, loves to laugh, and readily explains everything and anything, all of which makes you feel relaxed and receptive. With ease and experience within two sessions she provided me with practical knowledge of how to help myself on a day to day basis and on a second session took me on a journey through hypnotism that was an amazing experience in itself. There is no embarrassment, nothing surreal or disturbing to Hypnotherapy, indeed it’s a very relaxing natural experience, and feels like focused day dreaming. It is very pleasant, there’s no white coat in sterile impersonal surroundings, No swinging Victorian watch, it is closer to having a nap on your best friends couch. Whatever you perceptions I would encourage anyone suffering from any form of personal issue to consider Amanda’s help, because the answer and solutions you seek are only one call away and the process is blissful”. – M Goodall – Helston.”
“On a super positive note, I am doing really well in terms of anxiety and seem to be on top of things, with only struggling on occasion instead of at every opportunity. I am very thankful to you for that as I am certain it is the hypnotherapy that has made a huge difference.”