Supervision is a regular meeting between professionals where therapists can confidentially discuss professional issues, case-load, training needs and progression in a structured way that will allow them to develop and reflect on their practice. It is carried out in line with a Code of Ethics and National Occupational Standards laid out by the individuals professional body.
It is the responsibility of the Supervisee to provide copies of Codes of Ethics to the Supervisor prior to the first Supervisory session.

Regular Supervision can assist practitioners/therapists to reflect and learn from their experience and progress in expertise, as well as ensuring professionalism for their clients. It is an essential part of the therapists continued professional development (CPD) and ensures that their clients receive the best quality care.

Amanda Hudson is an Accredited Supervisor (NCP)*, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Master NLP Practitioner. Her background is in mental health and the fitness industry with Management/Coaching and Teaching qualifications. She uses a variety of supervision models to assist the Supervisee to reflect on their own practice and develop an Action Plan for progression.


1 – 1 Supervision £50 per hour session

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*National Council of Psychotherapists.

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