A NEAT way to maintain weight

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

You might not have heard about NEAT but it’s your best friend when it comes to burning more calories. Neat is all about moving more or fidgeting in my world. People with a high NEAT score move more. They stand or walk more, they move their arms more and they are lighter and live longer than those with a low NEAT score.

The good news is, it’s easy to increase your NEAT score. Have a listen to the latest article I recorded for Source FM on A Space To Speak Your Mind.

You can also listen again to the whole show HERE

If you’re interested in mental health this show has some great content on how to stay mentally well.

If you would like to raise your NEAT score here are a couple of tips;

  1. Stand up to answer the phone
  2. Move your phone away from you
  3. Do some toe raises while at the sink (brushing your teeth, washing up)
  4. Walk up and down the stairs twice for every time you need to go up or down
  5. Go for a walk after each meal

I hope you enjoy the many benefits of NEAT and incorporate it into you day


You might have noticed some changes to my website recently? I’ve got a new logo, the name, LifeMOT and some new services on offer like FIT.
Over the past 7 years I’ve been a Director and trainer with LifeMOT Community Interest Company (CIC) as well as running my private practice. Having a CIC has meant that I was able to offer my services as an NLP practitioner and trainer to unemployed people in Cornwall and apply for various funding including The Big Lottery. We ran successful Step into Life courses over three years and Well to Work to support people to return to employment who have long term health conditions. We also ran Life Talks and Life Conversation (continues with Andy Coote) events.
At the end of March we made the decision to cease being a CIC.

It’s time for me to streamline my business and focus on bringing all the qualities from LifeMOT and my own practice into one space.

I’ll still be offering Hypnotherapy and NLP from my office in Penryn and online, but I’m also going to be adding Workplace health sessions for employers in Cornwall (or further afield if online)
The NEW packages will be based around Functional Imagery Training (FIT) and will teach employees how to gain control of their eating habits, alcohol intake or managing day to day stress. Have a look at the FIT page for more details. I’m really excited to be one the first FIT therapist offering this in Cornwall. Please give me a call to find out more.

Thank you to everyone who has supported LifeTalks over the years. I’ll look into bringing them back when it seems the right time.