Weight management

Functional Imagery Training FIT

FIT is a way of supporting behaviour change using mental imagery. This approach builds on two decades of research showing that mental imagery is more strongly emotionally charged than other types of thinking. Mental imagery is what gives cravings their dominance over other thoughts, and it can help us work successfully towards a new goal despite obstacles.

FIT builds on this potential, showing people how to use imagery effectively in their everyday lives, to reach the goals they value.
(University of Plymouth Cognition Institute, 2017-19)

  • FIT will build your confidence in how to regain control of your habits and behaviours
  • FIT is not a diet or exercise plan
  • FIT is easy to learn and embed in your daily routine
  • FIT teaches you how to increase your motivation towards your goals
  • FIT leads to healthier habits for life

FIT can be delivered in the workplace as part of your well-being package for employees and is supported by an App.

Amanda is fully licensed to offer FIT for you and your employees.

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