Tune in

Communication is Key – We all know how important it is so here at LifeMOT we’re spreading the news. Tune in to Source FM on Friday 7th November at 11.10am and here Amanda speaking to Andy Coote about business and community. Then on Thursday 27th November at 2.30pm, Amanda is chatting with Judith Kingdom on Penwith Radio about life, love and laughter. She also be choosing the music that has inspired her.

Open Talks Nov

Here’s the latest Newsletter from the open Talk Group. Download it here. I’ve been hosting this group for about 7yrs now and next year it’s all change. This means a new venue which can accommodate more people, up to date presentations and Wi Fi.This means I’ll be able to bring even more expertise to the groups either in person or via Skype. Look out for the events and make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to the Newsletter from my homepage I’m making sure that we plenty of time to network during the evenings so we can create a really strong group of like-minded people. Next year we’ll be headed LIFE Talks as we’ll be under the wing of LifeMOT Community Interest Company. Check out the website here If you are interested in giving a talk, please let me know as there are spaces available and I can always arrange a one off event too.