It means so much to me when a client writes a testimonial. I love my job but it’s always good to have a reminder of the difference sessions can make for people. Sometimes it can’t be put into words but here’s a recent one that puts it so well – Dear Amanda
Thank you again for all your help in my problems with anxiety and confidence. Before the sessions of hypnotherapy, I had no way of overcoming the anxiety that I felt on a near constant basis. Now I have techniques to use if ever that feeling appears, however, between sessions and now after, that anxiety has barely made itself known. I find that I automatically put those techniques to use but often do not need to, the hypnotherapy has really helped to unlock an inner confidence and sense of control if I start to feel anxious or worried and I can easily overcome it, many times without even realising it. This has been the hugest relief for me as I feel I have control over my life for the first time, mentally I feel stronger and I feel that I can push myself to do things in every day life that I wouldn’t have been able to do before, which amazes me still as it’s only been two months since I had the first session. The sessions were relaxing and insightful, and I feel that I will only become more mentally stronger in time thanks to the hypnotherapy. Thank you so much, you have helped beyond expectations.

If you have to make a decision about making a change, it can seem a bit daunting. We might put it off but it can be there in the back of our minds. We might spend a long time looking at the different options available; researching all the different types of help, books, internet, apps, therapists, we might ask a friend. This is why testimonials are so important for me. When you’re in that thinking stage of making a change this extra personal touch from a client can make all the difference.
Please take some time to look through my site as I’ve dotted them around on various pages. I hope they speak to you and help you to make a decision to ask for help.