1 Day Hypnosis/NLP Masterclass

The September 23rd I’m facilitating a one day course as part of an NLP Master Practitioner course.

Wandering through your Mind

Booking Now and Early bird offers avaialable (End JULY 31st)

This one-day Hypnosis/NLP* workshop allows you to explore your mind and the language we use to create trance states.

You will look at the narrative of your mind and the scripts that you use

And, explore metaphors, language, rapport and connections

Find out what you already know about hypnosis

But don’t know that you already know … yet

Be prepared for a practical day of learning.

You will:

  • Wander through the narrative of your mind creating links from NLP to hypnosis
  • Explore your verbal and non-verbal language
  • Delve deeper into your sub-conscious
  • Change perception and thinking skills
  • Enhance communication for yourself and others
  • Connect and embed knowledge through theory, discussion and practice.

Who is it for?

If you are an educator, NLP Practitioner, development coach, or manager – or would like to develop your knowledge of the mind and how to works with it – this workshop is for you.


An understanding of learning styles is required to make the most from the training.


Speak up!

It’s time I gave a talk I thought. So, I’m stepping up to give a Lifetalk again this year to kick off the speakers events with LifeMOT.
If you’re wondering:
How do I make changes to my life, work, health?
Why can’t I stick to a plan
How do I make IT happen

Then come along and I’ll do my best to throw some light onto this subject.
I hear people talking about their New Years Resolutions and wonder; Is this a good idea or not? We all need goals in life BUT, we don’t need to set ourselves up for failure, or beat ourselves up if it doesn’t work out (This time)

I look forward to seeing you there. January 21st at The Carnon Inn Carnon Downs 6.45pm. Book on Eventbrite