Since the pandemic has disrupted my usual working practice somewhat it has given me the opportunity to do a few things that I really love and have not previous had much time to do.
One of those is to take part in A Space To Speak Your Mind radio show on Source FM, our local radio station here in Falmouth. In collaboration with Cornwall MIND, this show is all about Mental Health.

In my first  recording I talk about the need for us all to find some space for listening and pausing in our day. We’ve just gone into isolation and there has been a tendency, for some, to try and fill the space where work or our social lives would have been by taking part in online exercise classes, learning something, creative projects, online chat….. you name it, it’s available online somewhere. It can be overwhelming!

I’d like to encourage you to stop for a moment and listen to the sounds and here:

if you’d like my words about it, here: