October is a month where we start to notice the seasons are changing as the daylight hours become shorter and we settle into a different routine. It’s also the time for starting new things as the Autumn term starts at University and schools across the county. For me, I’ve had calls from concerned parents regarding their children who have just started Uni and are away from home, doing something new, around new people and having to manage their lives differently.  Anxiety can be a natural feeling we all have at some point in our lives but it’s when it starts to get in the way of everyday living that we look to get help. The good news is that I have received these calls quickly and that Anxiety has been recognised as something which Hypnotherapy can help with.
Please come and see me if this is something that is having an impact on your life. There are lots of techniques within NLP that can give you some practical ways of reducing anxiety and bring back balance and calm into your life. Keeping you focused on enjoying the experience of being at university and all the benefits for your future career.
The other seasonal calls I receive this time or year are Spider Phobias. Here’s a text from a client i saw last week for the first session – “I just wanted to send you a massive Thanks You, in the last 24hrs I have had to deal with 3 “Mates” on my own. I did it with no swearing and hardly any goose pimples, and cleared them away myself. I amazed myself”

Brillant to hear this.