Spring is in the air. You can see in the daylight hours becoming longer, smell it within the changing scents in the hedgerows and gardens and feel it as the sun warms our skin and our energy lightens.

Spring is also the time when wedding season begins and couples start the final preparations for their ceremonies and plan for their honeymoons. It’s a joyous time for most couples but unfortunately for some individuals, weddings are a time to dread!

I’ve been in conversations with Barnett International wedding photographers recently to discuss some of the ways in which Hypnosis and NLP can help their clients.

Here are a few examples of issue I have helped over the years:

The best man speech. Nerves, stuttering, blushing, panic!
Everyone will be looking at me for the whole day! Self-esteem, confidence,
I need to lose weight or tone up to look my best for the photographs. Weight management, motivation
We’d like to go abroad but I can’t fly. Fears and phobias, Managing change
I’ve never lived with anyone before. Communication skills, managing change
What if it all goes wrong? Anxiety and self doubt

Talk to someone about your worries. Adrian and Bergit from Barnett International are experts at putting people at ease, they have a Facebook page with helpful tips every week.

I am more than happy to have chat with you about your wedding and any issues that you may have.

My Tip.- Give me a call today. It’s easy, reassuring and puts you mind at rest so that you can enjoy the wedding planning as well as you BIG Day.