StIt’s that time of year again. October see’s two different campaigns going on to help us improve our health and well-being. Stoptober is supported by Public Health England and aims to help the nation become smoke free. There are lots of resources available from the website so I would encourage you to have a look. I’m also supporting this campaign and recently had an article in The Packet encourage people to seek out hypnotherapists who are on the CNHC register.
Hypnotherapy can support and prepare you to change your behaviours and habits. I use a variety of additional techniques within a package of 3 sessions over the period of a month. During Stoptober I am offering 10%off. I can also come out to your work place and run a group workshop on behavioural change to get the ball rolling.
It’s also the month of Go Sober for October supported by Macmillan. Aimed at social drinkers who wish to change their habits and raise money for a fabulous charity. Over the years I have noticed an increase in people coming to see me for “Social Drinking” and recently I was asked if I would organise a group for people who felt they were drinking a bit too much on a regular basis and needed a bit of support to get back in control of their habits.
Sometimes we need a campaign to bring our awareness to something that has become a habit with us and, Actually, is not good for us anymore.

If you would like additional support with either becoming smoke free or moderating/abstaining from social drinking then please give me a call. You’ll find testimonials within my website too.
Good luck to everyone taking part.