Photo credit: kakisky from I’m amazed that hypnosis is not more readily available in GP surgeries and within hospital settings. It can also be easily added into Health and wellbeing in the work place. I’ve recently attended a conference hosted by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis: Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Below […]

Photo credit: pippalou from Easter has been and gone and I’ve managed to get rid of the evidence of eating chocolate! Does this sound familiar to you? We all have our own way of keeping on track as far as healthy eating (or not) goes.Our rules we adhere to that give us a feeling […]

Here’s the latest updates from LifeMOT and what’s on at next months LifeTalk event near Truro Newsletter This month we’ll hear from Elizabeth Pritchard about “How to make powerful change” Using Logical Levels, it’ll be a practical session with lots of learning. I’m really looking forward to this, not just to catch up with Elizabeth […]

The sun is shining here today, doesn’t it make you feel full of energy? It’s days like this when I get the urge to go for a run – oh, I’m not a runner! But isn’t amazing the effect the weather or the type of light can have on us? It makes me very aware […]

It’s been a really busy year so far which is brilliant. So many people are putting themselves first and taking some time out to work on positive change. My positive changes so far this year have been to take part in Dry January and raise awareness of the work done by Alcohol Concern and to […]

I’m giving a talk on Hypnotherapy. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about? Is it right for you? what happens in a session? how many sessions do I need? then come a long and find out. You’ll receive a discount voucher towards your first session too. Newsletter Here LifeTalk is a Network and […]

Communication is Key – We all know how important it is so here at LifeMOT we’re spreading the news. Tune in to Source FM on Friday 7th November at 11.10am and here Amanda speaking to Andy Coote about business and community. Then on Thursday 27th November at 2.30pm, Amanda is chatting with Judith Kingdom on Penwith Radio about life, […]

Here’s the latest Newsletter from the open Talk Group. Download it here. I’ve been hosting this group for about 7yrs now and next year it’s all change. This means a new venue which can accommodate more people, up to date presentations and Wi Fi.This means I’ll be able to bring even more expertise to the […]

Isn’t it brilliant when you receive something completely out of the blue. That’s what happened to me today and I’d like to share it with you as someone thought to share it with me.- Andrew called. He had been a client of mine 6 months ago who came to me to stop smoking. He won’t […]

I’m feeling very grateful this month. I received an award last week for “Nurturing Relationships” for the work I do with LifeMOT and for promoting the Open Talk networking group. The event at The Queens Hotel in Penzance was hosted by Judith Kingdon from Star Shapers Ltd who did an amazing job of organising the event using Crowd Funding. […]