“Oh, I didn’t know Hypnotherapists did that” is a statement I hear quite a bit. So I thought I’d write a bit on what I do as I can’t speak for other Hypnotherapists.We will all have different skills that we bring to our work and life and Hypnotherapists are no different. I use a combination of NLP, Nutrition, mental health training, and Hypnotherapy. What this means is I have a bank of skills that are practical and work with you on a conscious level and other skills that work with the sub-conscious. I use these skills in one to one therapy, Community Groups with LifeMOT CIC or within a business setting.Balance
I recently mapped my practice to find out for myself what I did the most of and where I spent most of my time. The nice surprise for me is that I spend most of my time helping people to manage a change and catch up with themselves. This could be;
I’ve been given promotion and don’t feel like I can do the job,
The children have all left home and don’t know what to do or who I am,
I find myself single again
I can’t get control of eating and keep falling into the same patterns
I’m just not managing very well and feel as though there is something more but don’t know how to get there

Alongside this work I also spend a fair bit of time working with Anxiety. This can range from feeling stressed all the time to a full blown panic attack/phobia that restricts out ability to lead a normal life.
But, I also do weight management, stop smoking and supervision which can be clinical (for other therapists) or business support (keeping you on track)

I hope this helps answer a few questions for you. Yo can always give me a call to discuss and issues (confidentially)