It’s coming up to that time of the year again. Exam stress is starting to gain momentum and for some people it can be completely debilitating. Some of us love the feeling we get when we are under pressure to perform and it provides us with an extra boost in motivation to achieve greater results.
If you are one of those people who’s struggling at the moment, help is available. Just a few sessions may be all it takes to get you back on track and put your mind as ease. When our minds are at ease we are able to concentrate, learn, remember and recall information easily. Remember the feeling of relief when your exams are all over? Well, that’s the feeling I can install in you. But, even better than that, these techniques will be with you for life, not just for the next few months. just imagine how you could use them in your future?

Spring time

Spring is in the air. You can see in the daylight hours becoming longer, smell it within the changing scents in the hedgerows and gardens and feel it as the sun warms our skin and our energy lightens.

Spring is also the time when wedding season begins and couples start the final preparations for their ceremonies and plan for their honeymoons. It’s a joyous time for most couples but unfortunately for some individuals, weddings are a time to dread!

I’ve been in conversations with Barnett International wedding photographers recently to discuss some of the ways in which Hypnosis and NLP can help their clients.

Here are a few examples of issue I have helped over the years:

The best man speech. Nerves, stuttering, blushing, panic!
Everyone will be looking at me for the whole day! Self-esteem, confidence,
I need to lose weight or tone up to look my best for the photographs. Weight management, motivation
We’d like to go abroad but I can’t fly. Fears and phobias, Managing change
I’ve never lived with anyone before. Communication skills, managing change
What if it all goes wrong? Anxiety and self doubt

Talk to someone about your worries. Adrian and Bergit from Barnett International are experts at putting people at ease, they have a Facebook page with helpful tips every week.

I am more than happy to have chat with you about your wedding and any issues that you may have.

My Tip.- Give me a call today. It’s easy, reassuring and puts you mind at rest so that you can enjoy the wedding planning as well as you BIG Day.

Kick start New year

Kick start New year

Happy New Year to you all.
Have you made any New years resolutions? Have you broken any yet???
It’s the time of year when we sit and think and make plans for the coming months. There are numerous ways in which we do this but I’m going to look at – Are you motivated by moving towards or away from something?

Here’s an example:

Sometimes we reflect on past years and we might talk about “I don’t want another like the last one!” (Moving away from)


I’m planning on improving my fitness this year (Moving towards)
My challenge to you this month is to learn to listen to yourself and notice when you say what you actually mean rather than, just what think you mean. Do you want your focus to be in the past or on your future? I hope you know the answer to this.
When we set ourselves goals (new year resolutions) we naturally move towards them, given the right motivation. Goals set our minds on a journey of exploring what it might be like to have that goal – Do you ever imagine yourself already on holiday or what you will do at the weekend? This is your mind preparing itself for a change and it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small change, the process is the same. We all need time to adjust to something, minutes or months/years it all starts deep within our minds before we can be ready to make plans take action.
Good luck with your goals this year. Make the first goal to set goals

Seasonal activity


October is a month where we start to notice the seasons are changing as the daylight hours become shorter and we settle into a different routine. It’s also the time for starting new things as the Autumn term starts at University and schools across the county. For me, I’ve had calls from concerned parents regarding their children who have just started Uni and are away from home, doing something new, around new people and having to manage their lives differently.  Anxiety can be a natural feeling we all have at some point in our lives but it’s when it starts to get in the way of everyday living that we look to get help. The good news is that I have received these calls quickly and that Anxiety has been recognised as something which Hypnotherapy can help with.
Please come and see me if this is something that is having an impact on your life. There are lots of techniques within NLP that can give you some practical ways of reducing anxiety and bring back balance and calm into your life. Keeping you focused on enjoying the experience of being at university and all the benefits for your future career.
The other seasonal calls I receive this time or year are Spider Phobias. Here’s a text from a client i saw last week for the first session – “I just wanted to send you a massive Thanks You, in the last 24hrs I have had to deal with 3 “Mates” on my own. I did it with no swearing and hardly any goose pimples, and cleared them away myself. I amazed myself”

Brillant to hear this.


ANLP Conference

I’m really excited to announce that I’m going to be a guest speaker at the South West ANLP Conference in Taunton this October. Tickets are available now for. I’m speaking on Friday – “Applied NLP for health management for individuals and businesses”

This is a great opportunity to talk about how LifeMOT uses NLP in groups and how diverse it’s uses can be. I’ll be giving evidence and case studies to support our work and talking about how we have adapted our workshops to support our clients achieve the results that they want. I will also be talking about where we’re heading in the future with our group work as well as developing more business links to support employees at work.

I look forward to seeing you there. Please also look out for the LifeTalks I host as we have some brilliant speakers attending there and the group is growing each month.

Unfortunately, the ANLP Conference has been postponed, But… I’m still doing my pre-talk on Thursday 1st October at The Vic Inn. No need to travel to Taunton now to hear about LifeMOT and NLP for health. Reserve your seat here please.

Why Hypnotherapy, why see me?

“Oh, I didn’t know Hypnotherapists did that” is a statement I hear quite a bit. So I thought I’d write a bit on what I do as I can’t speak for other Hypnotherapists.We will all have different skills that we bring to our work and life and Hypnotherapists are no different. I use a combination of NLP, Nutrition, mental health training, and Hypnotherapy. What this means is I have a bank of skills that are practical and work with you on a conscious level and other skills that work with the sub-conscious. I use these skills in one to one therapy, Community Groups with LifeMOT CIC or within a business setting.Balance
I recently mapped my practice to find out for myself what I did the most of and where I spent most of my time. The nice surprise for me is that I spend most of my time helping people to manage a change and catch up with themselves. This could be;
I’ve been given promotion and don’t feel like I can do the job,
The children have all left home and don’t know what to do or who I am,
I find myself single again
I can’t get control of eating and keep falling into the same patterns
I’m just not managing very well and feel as though there is something more but don’t know how to get there

Alongside this work I also spend a fair bit of time working with Anxiety. This can range from feeling stressed all the time to a full blown panic attack/phobia that restricts out ability to lead a normal life.
But, I also do weight management, stop smoking and supervision which can be clinical (for other therapists) or business support (keeping you on track)

I hope this helps answer a few questions for you. Yo can always give me a call to discuss and issues (confidentially)

Hypnotherapy Plus more…

What a brilliant, interesting practical course. I’m now a NADA practitioner. So… what does this mean for my clients?
Well, I’m not quite sure yet to be honest with you. There are so many ways in which I can use this to add to my practice or to start something new – A community Auricular Acupuncture class?
I know that it will fit in well with the sessions for Anxiety management, as it promotes “A clearer mind, a feeling of well-being and relaxation”. But it is also widely used for the reduction of craving in substance misuse, including prescription drugs and reduction of withdrawal symptoms. It also helps with promoting a good sleep pattern.
Coming along to see me for a session is not just about Hypnotherapy. I use all my knowledge and skills to help you achieve the result you want. This could be diet advice – You are what you eat, a practical NLP technique to allow you to explore an issue and then you have a skill that will be with you for life, relaxation techniques such as Self-Hypnosis or Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy for a specific issue or ongoing coaching/Supervision sessions to keep you on track and progressing in life.

There are so many ways in which I can support you. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss your particular needs. 07958956216 or 01326372156 email

Evidence based Practice May 2015

Photo credit: kakisky from morguefile.com

I’m amazed that hypnosis is not more readily available in GP surgeries and within hospital settings. It can also be easily added into Health and wellbeing in the work place. I’ve recently attended a conference hosted by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis: Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Below are just a few snippets from the 2 days.

All the techniques below can be easily taught either in one to one sessions or as part of a work based training package. If you are interested in knowing more then please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. When you weigh it up against the cost of taking time off due to sickness, well ……… and if it were a prescription drug, I wonder what it would cost?

To start with; looking at studies into burn healing (Moore LE and Kaplan JZ 1983 – American journal of hypnosis) Hypnosis sessions were carried out 2 weeks prior to surgery and up to 6 weeks after. 8 x 30 minute sessions. Results showed accelerated burn healing rate, reduction in pain relief medication, reduced stress and more relaxed before surgery, less surgery needed and less general anaesthetics needed. (Burger MM, Davadant M, et al 2010) Saving per patient = £11.340, 5 days less in ICU, 6 days less on general ward.

Breast cancer research; Recovery after surgery. Results showed improved healing, reduced stress prior to surgery, less side effects, and reduced pain. (Montgomery GH et al 2004, various journals)

Persistent pain; Georgie Oldfield spoke about pain. Some people just have pain for no reason and for her it didn’t add up. I think most of us can say we’ve experienced this in some form or another. “I only got out of the car” or “ I just lifted it up awkwardly and my back went” whereas others have pain for no reason, “I just woke up with it” “it just came on” 88% of people who had back pain also had additional stress conditions (The Divided Mind) There has been a 4% increase in lower back pain resulting in time off work (Occupational Health Statistics) As we know, pain is activated in the brain by neuro pathways being triggered but just as it can travel on a pathway, this path can change track and go in reverse. With education, self-direction and improved self-care, bad behaviours/pathways could be reversed. You are able to re-programme healthy nerve pathways using Visualisation, Mindfulness and additional tools.

Work based health improvement when using Self-hypnosis. This study is looking at a preventative step as well as enhancing general wellness for everyone. Not only did the groups who had been taught self-hypnosis have an improvement but the difference between them and the control group was that the effect was sustainable and they maintained the gains achieved in the study period.


Photo credit: pippalou from morguefile.com
Easter has been and gone and I’ve managed to get rid of the evidence of eating chocolate! Does this sound familiar to you? We all have our own way of keeping on track as far as healthy eating (or not) goes.Our rules we adhere to that give us a feeling of being in control of what and when to eat. But, how about if we didn’t need the rules? What if we just went back to enjoying food, just as toddlers enjoy and experience new tastes, textures and know when they are full up. That’s what I’m working on now. A whole new course that will teach you why you eat like you do and have the attitude you do towards food and then, more importantly, how to achieve the eating habits you desire and stay on track for the rest of your life. This course will look at, inner dialogue, behavioural change, nutrition advice, the psychology behind how we eat today, some practical tips and techniques that will give you the confidence to regain control of what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat…….. and choices you make
You can download a self hypnosis MP3 to start you on the right track today or let me know if you’re interested in a course in the near future.

A few statistics:

The average intake of sodium is on a downward trend but was still 82 per cent above the recommended maximum Reference Nutrient Intake of 2.4 grams per day in 2012

Rural areas tended to purchase larger quantities of food and drink than urban areas, therefore the energy and nutrient intakes derived from these purchases was greater in rural areas.

Household purchases of fresh and processed vegetables (excluding potatoes) have generally been declining since 2005, with a 6.1 per cent fall from 1,156g to 1,086g average weekly consumption per person. This has mainly been due to a decrease in purchases of fresh vegetables, which account for roughly 70 per cent of all vegetable purchases.
Reference – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/265245/familyfood-2012statsnotice-12dec13.pdf accessed on 8.4.2015


LifeTalks April

Here’s the latest updates from LifeMOT and what’s on at next months LifeTalk event near Truro Newsletter
This month we’ll hear from Elizabeth Pritchard about “How to make powerful change” Using Logical Levels, it’ll be a practical session with lots of learning.
I’m really looking forward to this, not just to catch up with Elizabeth and the group but because it’ll be a chance for me to re-visit one of the most diverse exercises in NLP. Logical Levels is a love of mine, I have to say. It’s a method not only to support change but I use it as a planning tool for courses, essays and generally living holistically.
If you’ve never been to this group before, I highly recommend it. You’ll gain knowledge from our guests and the others within the group. You’ll also make some friends who share your views on well-being and development.
This month seems to be the start of people thinking about how they would like the rest of the year to look for them. Maybe it’s the recent sunshine that’s eased us out of winter into Spring, or the recent Eclipse? Who know’s, but it’s a great time to review and plan. if you need support to make decisions about your future or you feel there is something holding you back from your goals or you just don’t know where to start? Give me a call. You can also have a listen to some of the downloads I’ve created. If you’re unsure which one would suit you, please email or give me a call.